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Visibility is the key to managing your supply chain. FAST 360° provides transparent access to this vital information in one easy-to-use screen. Click into each of your facilities and locations, all the way down to the individual vending machines or bin stocks managed by Fastenal. You can then pull up each respective device’s planogram to get additional information on each specific SKU.

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While other companies will tell you what they have in stock, FAST 360° allows you to instantly see what you have in your own facility. My Inventory allows you to search your own inventory for each of your associated account numbers. A variety of filter options allow the user to search by channel (vending or bin stock) or category. Use the search function to find items based on keyword, description, or part number. You can also search by your own part number when that information is included in our system.

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My Spend gives you a detailed snapshot of your organization's purchasing habits, providing awareness of planned and unplanned spend.

Using invoice data, FAST 360° illustrates how current spend is being allocated. Monitor purchase activity by category and see which channel that spend is flowing through. Click into the chart or use the filters to access a variety of information to help manage your supply chain.

My Solution
My Solution

Automated Supply Technology

Cloud-based software enables you to monitor and manage your vending or bin stock solutions anytime, anywhere, 24/7.



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