Lifting & Rigging

Cost Savings Drivers

Through a comprehensive Lifting and Rigging Inspection program facilitated by Fastenal’s Certified Inspection team, you are saving dollars while also saving lives.

1. Have the comfort of receiving regular preventative inspections and trainings.

2. Avoid costly accidents including the value of what is being lifted.

3. Avoid workplace injuries and fines.

4. Be informed of preventative maintenance opportunities prior to a more expensive repair.

Click here to view the Fastenal Lifting & Rigging Guide

Lifting & Rigging Training

Fastenal offers 2 levels of Lifting and Rigging Training.*

Level 1 Basic Rigging Gear Inspection Training This is a 4 hour course which covers the basics of daily inspections of slings, hoists, and rigging hardware.

Level 2 Basic Rigger Training This is an 8 hour course and covers both the topics in Level 1 in addition to basic fundamentals of lifting and rigging to ensure safe lifts with the proper planning.

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