Open Balances & Statements

Accessing Your Open Balances and Statements

The open balances and statements page allows you to view your account balance, monthly statements, and individual invoices. This information is updated daily, and is also available in a printer-friendly format.

  • Sign in
  • Click My Account
  • Click Open Balances and Statements
Viewing Open Balances

This page shows you your outstanding invoices and other activity on your account. You can look at each invoice individually, or view account transactions.

  • Select the Customer ID for the account you wish to view
  • Click Submit
Viewing Monthly Statements
  • Select the monthly statement you'd like to view
  • Click Submit
View a Single Invoice

Invoices with open balances can be viewed by entering the invoice number.

  • Select the appropriate Customer ID for the account you are using
  • Enter the Invoice ID
  • Click Submit
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Open Balances

Account balance information is updated daily and reflects amounts that are outstanding. A summary of your account breaks down the time frames and dollar amounts, as well as the number of invoices that have a balance. You can also print off a summary of all transactions, or view each individual invoice and associated transactions from this page.

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How do I view individual transactions or payments on an invoice?
From the Open Balances page, you can click any of the open amounts listed to view the transactions for that invoice. The entry type distinguishes between payments made, credits to the account, merchandise returns, and product purchases. A full list of the entry types is listed on the Open Balance Transactions page.

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