Cross References

Accessing Your Cross References

Product cross references can be managed online or by your local Fastenal branch. You can set up your own cross references on

  • Sign in
  • Click My Account
  • Click Product Cross References
Adding an Individual Part Cross Reference

Cross references can be entered one-by-one on the Part Management page.

  • From the Product Cross References menu, select Part Management
  • Enter your Customer Part Number
  • Enter the corresponding Fastenal Part Number
  • Enter a customized Customer Part Description, or use the Fastenal part description that auto-populates
  • Click Save
Editing or Deleting a Cross Reference
  • Enter the Customer Part Number you'd like to modify
  • Click Lookup
    • A list of matching part numbers will be generated
  • Click Edit to modify the part information
    • Make changes to the Customer part number, Fastenal part number, or part description, then click Save
  • Click Delete to remove the cross referenced part information
Product Cross References 0
Uploading Multiple Cross References from Excel

Cross references can also be entered in bulk using the Upload Part page.

  • From the Product Cross References menu, select Upload Part
  • Create and save an Excel file with your part number, part descriptions, and the Fastenal part number
    • An Excel template can be downloaded by clicking Download Cross Reference Template
  • Click Browse and locate the Excel file on your computer
  • Once the file name appears in the upload file field, click Upload
    • An error message will appear if the parts did not transfer over correctly
  • To view a list of all your cross referenced parts, click Export Cross References
    • This list will not show any cross references managed by your Fastenal branch
Product Cross References 1
Searching for Cross Referenced Parts

After any new or edited product cross reference data is entered, it will be searchable on the website within three days. At that point, you can search for your cross referenced parts using your part number or part of your customer part description.

  • In the Search field, enter a part number or keyword to search for
  • Click the Magnifying Glass or press Enter
  • The search will display three different types of results depending on the criteria entered
    • The Products tab displays all the Fastenal parts containing the criteria entered
    • The Cross Reference tab displays only manufacturer or competitor part numbers and descriptions containing the criteria entered
    • The Customer Product Cross Reference tab displays only parts you've cross referenced containing the criteria entered
  • Click the Customer Product Cross Reference tab to display the matching parts
  • View more information about the product, or add the item to your cart
  • Expand All
  • Collapse All