Order Templates

Accessing Your Order Templates

All your saved order templates can be accessed from the My Account page, where you can edit, view, delete, and add items to your shopping cart.

  • Sign in
  • Click My Account
  • Click Order Templates
Creating an Order Template

Once you have a list of items in the shopping cart, you can easily save this list as an order template.

  • From the Shopping Cart screen, select New Order Template in the Add Cart To field, then click Go
    • To add the list of parts to a previously saved template, select that template name from the drop down list
  • Enter a Template Name if this is a new template being created
    • A Template Description can also be added to further detail the parts in the list
  • Select the use or edit options to enable other users within your company to access this template
    • Allow Others To Use gives permission to others in your company to view and use the order template
    • Allow Others To Edit gives other users in your company the ability to edit the order template
  • Click Submit to create the new template
    • Click Update Template if you are making changes to an existing template
  • You can also add an individual product to a new or existing template from the product detail page
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Ordering from an Order Template

Templates can be used to add items to the shopping cart in two different ways. All of the items in a template can be sent to the shopping cart, or you can select items from a template to add to the shopping cart.

  • Sign in to your account, then click Order Templates on the My Account page
  • Select Add to Cart to add all the template items to the shopping cart
  • To add individual items to the cart, select the Template Name
  • Use the check boxes in the left hand column to select items to add to the shopping cart
    • The quantities can be changed by updating the number in the Qty field in the shopping cart
  • Click Add Selected to Cart to place these items in the shopping cart
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Modifying Your Order Templates

Templates can be modified to delete items, change quantities, or remove outdated templates.

  • Sign in to your account, then click Order Templates on the My Account page
  • Click Delete for a particular template to delete the entire template
  • Click the template's name to view the list of items included in that template and modify the items in the list
  • Expand All
  • Collapse All