Order Requests

Submitting Order Requests

The check out process is slightly different for request only users and users placing orders above their purchase limits.

  • Click Check Out from the shopping cart page
  • A message will appear on Step 1 of checkout stating that the order is over the purchase limit, and that purchase request details need to be entered
  • Enter the Purchase Request details
    • Create a Request Name and Description for the order
    • Select the Approver(s) that you want the order to be sent to. Failure to check one or more approvers will send the request to all approvers
  • Select the shipping address, billing address, shipping method, and any special instructions for the order
    • This information can be left for the approver to fill out
  • Click Submit Order Request to send the order to the approver(s)
Accessing Order Requests

Order requests can be accessed by the approver(s) on the My Account page of Fastenal.com

  • Sign in
  • Click My Account
  • Click Order Requests
Approving Order Requests

Once an order request is created, the approver will need to access the order and finish the check out process in order to submit it for processing.

  • From the Order Requests page, click the Request Name to open the order details
    • To delete a request without approving it, select the request and click Remove Selected
  • Modifications can be made to the order by removing items or updating quantities
  • Click Check Out to place the order
  • Verify or select the shipping address, billing address, shipping method, and any special instructions for the order
  • Select a Payment Method
  • Click Place Order to submit the order to Fastenal for processing
Merging Order Requests

If there are multiple requests you'd like to place into one order, you can merge the requests.

  • From the Order Requests page, select the requests and click Merge Selected
    • Only product information for the orders will be retained. Any information specific to each request will be removed upon merge, and will need to be re-entered
  • Continue approving the order using the steps above
  • Expand All
  • Collapse All