Excel Upload

Accessing File Upload

Placing an order by merging in part numbers and quantities from an Excel spreadsheet can be done within the shopping cart.

  • Sign in
  • Click My Cart
  • Scroll down and click File Upload - Copy/Paste
Uploading an Excel Spreadsheet

Before merging an Excel file into the shopping cart, make sure the file is formatted correctly.

  • Create and save an Excel file with the SKU and quantity for each part you wish to order
    • An Excel template can be downloaded by clicking Download a blank template
    • The SKUs must be formatted as text to prevent losing the leading zero of some part numbers
  • Click Choose File and locate the Excel file on your computer
  • Once the file name appears in the upload field, click Upload
    • An error message will appear if the parts did not upload correctly
  • To process this order, click Check Out
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