Users & Permissions

Accessing Users & Permissions

You must be an administrator of the account in order to view or update users and permissions.

  • Sign in
  • Click My Account
  • Click Users and Permissions
Modifying a User Account

Users can be added, removed, or modified by an administrator at any time by using the Users and Permissions page.

  • To delete a user, click Delete
  • Click New User to add a user to the account
  • To edit a user, click on Edit or the Username
  • Enter or modify the User Information
    • This section allows you to update a user's basic information
  • Select the Security Options for the user
  • Update the Purchasing Options and change the user's purchasing abilities and limitations
  • To save these updates, click Save Changes
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Security Levels
  • Administrator: Has unlimited purchasing power, can approve orders and update users on the account.
  • Unlimited Purchases: Has the ability to purchase without limitations, requiring no approvals from others.
  • Purchase Limit: Has limits to the amount of money they can spend in a set time period, or per order.
  • Request Only: Has the ability to create orders, but they must be approved by an approver before being submitted.
Purchasing Options Details

All of these account details can be modified by an account administrator. Unlimited purchasers and request only users do not have access to the Users and Permissions page. To save changes, you will need to provide your administrator password.

  • Allow Unlimited Purchases: This allows a user to make purchases without any limitations or approvals.
  • Only Request Purchases: This limits a user to requesting purchases. All purchase requests will be submitted to an approver via email (selected in the default purchase request approver section). The approver is then able to access the purchase request, make any modifications, and approve or deny the order.
  • Limit Purchases: This allows limitations to be set on the dollar amount per order, or the amount spent in a certain time period. Orders over the set amount will automatically be sent to the approver. Anything under that amount will be submitted as an order to Fastenal.
  • Purchase Request Approvers: These are the users on the account that have been granted purchase request approval privileges. One or more approvers can be selected to receive order requests. An email notification will be sent to them once the request is submitted. Multiple levels of requesters can be set.
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