Check Out

Placing an Order

After you click check out from the shopping cart, you will need to enter your order information in three steps. Click New within a section to enter information.

  • Select a previously entered Shipping Address, or add a new one
  • Add or select a previously entered Billing Address
    • Select "Same as Shipping Address" to use your Shipping Address as your Billing Address
  • Select a Shipping Method for your order
  • Change the Servicing Store if needed
    • This allows you to have another branch fulfill your order if you are at a different location
  • Enter Special Instructions such as Job Number, PO Number, Attention Name, Requested Delivery Date, or other instructions to ensure proper billing and delivery to the right people or locations
  • Select a Payment Method; you can use your Fastenal charge account or a credit card
    • A Fastenal charge account can only be used if you are registered with a Fastenal account number
  • Expand All
  • Collapse All