Accessing Your Addresses

Your saved shipping and billing address information can be accessed from the My Account page.

  • Sign in
  • Click My Account
  • Click Shipping Addresses or Billing Addresses
Adding or Editing a Shipping or Billing Address

Once you are in the shipping or billing address screen, you can add or edit an existing address.

  • Click New Address to add an address
    • To edit an existing address, click the Alias/Nickname of that address
  • Enter a Location Alias
  • To make this address your default, select "Use as my default address"
  • Select "Make this address available" if you'd like other account users to have access to the address
  • Add or modify the Address Information
    • Red asterisks indicate required fields
  • Click Save Changes
Deleting a Shipping or Billing Address

Shipping and billing addresses can only be deleted by the user that created them.

  • Click Delete
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  • Expand All
  • Collapse All