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FAST 360°

FAST 360° provides you with a view of your item inventory and spend managed by Fastenal. Using part-level data from your Fastenal vending machine and bin stock, Fastenal is able to offer you inventory visibility and spend analysis to products and locations in a variety of ways. 

My Business
My Business allows you to drill down into each facility, Fastenal-managed location(s), bin stock and/or vending machines, all the way down to an individual part. This detailed information is like a blueprint for your Fastenal devices. You can see what parts are where and at what levels they're currently stocked.

  • Facilities shows the individual addresses associated with the account.
  • Click on a particular facility to view the associated locations within that facility.
  • Bin stocks & vending machine planograms are interactive. Click the 'View Planogram' link for SKU-level details on each item in the device.
  • Work with your Fastenal representative to make modifications to the names used on any of the Facilities, Locations and Devices.

My Inventory
Find what you need with this powerful tool. You can search by part number, description, or category to see if a product currently resides within one of your Fastenal-managed devices. Using My Inventory will allow you to search for a part within your facility before making an unnecessary purchase. Analyze stocked items in order to identify efficiencies and cost savings opportunities.

  • Use the filter to refine results based on account number, channel or category.
  • The search feature allows you to search by Fastenal part number, your part number (when set up by Fastenal) or part description. Any devices in which the part(s) reside will be displayed.
  • Hover over the device name in the My Location column to see the facility and location where the device exists. Click on the device name to view the planogram.

My Inventory Location(s)
When signed in on, your My Inventory Location(s) data is displayed on the product details page. The My Inventory Location(s) sidebar displays if a particular part is stocked in your bin stocks or vending machines, to help you find your purchased inventory and avoid making an unnecessary purchase. Know what facility, location, device (vending machine / bin stock) and individual part location of a product.

My Spend
With Fastenal, your organization has the unique ability to easily track spend through My Spend. My Spend shows a breakdown of invoice data by account number, facility, sales channel and/or category. You can use the powerful search bar to navigate through your spend seamlessly. This information can be used to analyze your spend and identify purchasing trends.

  • The pie charts on this screen are interactive. Hover over a pie piece for sales channel or category breakdown and then click to filter the information.
  • The information grid at the bottom of the page includes a scroll bar to display several columns of data.  
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