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Utilize Fastenal’s nationwide transportation network to move product more efficiently. Fastenal’s Blue Lane Freight is a licensed common carrier that provides less than truckload (LTL) service in specific lanes at extremely competitive rates. Interested in a business to business / dock to dock option?

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Driving Cost Savings, Delivering Peace of Mind.
The key is consistency. Because 95% of our routes are static (trucks running fixed routes through the night to service our branches and customers), we’re able to provide consistent service and control transportation costs.

Fastenal does not currently offer shipping between East and West Zones as shown on below map.

US Map Of Shipping Coverage

Where Service Meets the Road

Where Service Meets The Road

We deliver a simple value proposition for our Blue Lane Freight customers:

Efficient nationwide transportation backed by the flexible local service you expect from Fastenal.

Customer Testimonials

"I have been using Fastenal’s 3PL [Blue Lane Freight] for right at 2 years now and couldn’t be more satisfied. The rates are very competitive, and the customer service and reliability are second to none. I love the quick responses on all my loads that I send you guys and not to mention the fact that there is not middle man which cuts out the stress of dealing with brokers. I look forward to continuing and growing our business together."

Brad Colmery
Logistics Manager
Bryson Industries

Blue Lane Freight Logistics Information

Fastenal’s Forbidden Commodity List

• Fastenal will only pay damage claims for shipments that are fully enclosed inside a crate. Our definition of a crate is an enclosed box, made of durable wood or metal, strapped to a pallet, with no part of the crate hanging over the pallet. Fastenal will ship uncrated items with no insurance.

• Shipping charges may be paid by the shipper or receiver.

• Effective June 1st, 2019, Fastenal branches will no longer accept cash or checks for payment.

• All shippers must present a valid US driver’s license or state-issued photo ID at the time freight is dropped off or picked up from a Fastenal branch.

• All crated shipments will be inspected at the time of shipping. Sealed crates will not be accepted.

Blue Lane Freight Logistics Information

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Shipping services are not available between the East and West Zones shown in map above.


Fastenal does not guarantee transit times.

Quotes are given to and from stores that are approved for shipping at this time. Not all branches are eligible for service.


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