Third Party Logistics (3PL)

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Transportation Solutions

Fastenal is a licensed common carrier that can provide Less-Than-Truckload service in specific lanes at extremely competitive rates. We have diverse assets and can provide a multitude of specialized services.

Fastenal will only pay damage claims for shipments that are fully enclosed inside a wooden crate. Fastenal will ship uncrated items with no insurance. Fastenal's definition of a crate is an enclosed box, made of durable wood or metal, strapped to a pallet, with no part of the crate hanging over the pallet.

Warehousing Solutions

Many of our Distribution Centers have large amounts of space available that offer full third-party logistical services.

To learn more or request service, contact your local store or use the request form below.

*Quote requests will receive responses within approximately 24 hours, during normal business hours.

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Shipping charges may be paid by shipper or receiver.