Lean Solutions Frequently Asked Questions

What is a process mapping?

Process mapping is a detailed analysis of your business with two basic goals:

  1. Gaining a better understanding of your business needs
  2. Collecting information to provide industry best practice supply solutions

What kind of results can I expect?

Our process mapping customers typically see savings of 10-20% versus the current state. You can expect to conclude the event with a clear action plan to make improvements that create flow and eliminate waste.

Who should attend?

In order for our collaboration time to be a success, we will need:

  • Decision makers with a business ownership mindset
  • Employees in your organization committed to analyzing all the costs of non-value added service
  • Employees capable of providing business information at a micro and macro level
  • Employees willing to be part of a continuous improvement plan

How long does the process take?

Process mapping events range between 1-4 days. The amount of time it takes to complete the event depends on your pre-planning data collection and availability to provide relevant information. The team will also need 20-40 minutes with selected department leaders to understand more in-depth processes.

What are Fastenal's objectives?

Fastenal wants to get a better understanding of your business in order to provide an industry-best service model. We believe by doing that, we'll be in position to grow our business with you. We are asking you to take a closer look at the results and utilize our Fastenal team to supply a larger portion of your business.

What are the costs involved in completing this project?

Fastenal will provide trained specialists to complete the assessment at no charge. The only cost involved is your time.