As a distribution company, our primary job is to move product from point A to point B as efficiently as possible, whether that’s a ‘standard’ commodity or a custom-manufactured part. Below is a look at the distribution resources we leverage to ensure a steady flow of material from the factory floor to your points of use.

  • Overseas factory audits, testing, and pre-shipment inspections – multiple teams of auditors, engineers and lab personnel on the ground globally
  • Dedicated logistics team, supervising 7,000+ container shipments annually
  • 15 North American distribution centers spanning 4 million square feet
  • The industry’s largest transportation fleet – 350+ semis and other over-the-road trucks, 6,500+ delivery vehicles in all
  • Over 3,000 branch locations, each maintaining a mix of core and customer-specific inventory to anticipate local needs
  • $1.2 billion in inventory stocked at DCs and branches, including more than $450 million in fastener inventory
  • 35,000+ active bin-stock programs

In short, we control the supply chain every step of the way, leveraging our overseas presence and North American distribution system to ensure efficient, accurate and on-time delivery.

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