Employee Testimonials

Quotation Mark

What do we like most about being a part of the Blue Team?

Testimonial 1


"I have worked with a lot of companies, but I have never been in an environment that puts as much emphasis on decentralization and turning over decision making and business leadership to the local team or the group interacting with customers. It is phenomenal and fulfilling — I have an opportunity to chart my own course and fill a blank canvas here at Fastenal. I love what I do and who I work for, and there is nowhere else I would want to be."

Testimonial 2

The People

"I enjoy the people I work with, along with my managers. My managers are awesome! We have a great team to work with and help each other out. I have great opportunities to grow with this company if I choose to. Being a college student, the flexibility with scheduling works out great. I don't feel stuck doing the same job all the time. I get to learn new things all the time, and my managers encourage me to do bigger and better things."

Testimonial 3

Advancement Opportunities

"I have been with Fastenal almost 20 years. Fastenal has been a very rewarding and fair company throughout the years. What I've been impressed about most is watching the advancement opportunity for everyone that is employed at Fastenal. Fastenal gives a great opportunity to hard working people."

Testimonial 4

Promote from Within

"Fastenal promotes people from within the organization to a degree that I have not seen in any other company that I have worked for. And they provide much of the education and training to make it possible."

Testimonial 5

Similar Values

"I really enjoy the work I do. Seeing customers and helping them on a daily basis gives me a great deal of satisfaction. I enjoy the principles that Fastenal is founded upon and find them very similar to principles that I use in my daily life. I really do enjoy working for Fastenal and would like to stay with this company as long as possible."

Testimonial 6

More than Just a Job

"From early on Fastenal has given ordinary people the opportunity to do extraordinary things. I feel this is definitely the case with me. When I began my career, I was looking for a job. Soon after I started though, I knew this would be my career. From an outside sales associate, to an account specialist, to a general manager, and now my current role, Fastenal has always allowed me to run the business like it were my own. Another thing that really stands out, and I feel sets us apart from many other companies, is how approachable our executive leadership team is. In my time, I have never approached one of our leaders and not have them make time to visit. They are truly invested and interested in each of our team members."

These quotes were collected via anonymous employee surveys conducted annually at Fastenal.