Oil Spills

Nearly 14,000 oil spills are reported each year, and in all cases a rapid response is critical to mitigate the damage to the environment and wildlife. With 2,500+ stores across North America, including hundreds along coastal regions, Fastenal is an immediate, local source for the personal protection, containment, and clean up supplies needed for the job.

  • Containment booms, barriers, and skimmers are used to contain and recover oil at sea. These mechanical techniques are often supported with chemical methods such as dispersing agents, gelling or biological agents
  • Physical methods for cleaning shorelines include wiping up spilled oil with sorbent materials as well as raking, pressure washing and bulldozing to promote evaporation, oxidation and other natural processes
  • Scare tactics (e.g., propane scare cans, floating dummies, and helium-filled balloons) can be used to keep birds and animals away from spill areas

Planning, Preparing & Responding

Whether you are planning, preparing or responding to an oil spill, Fastenal has you covered.