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Fastenal International

Since our founding in 1967, Fastenal has always believed that great customer service begins with having people and products near the customers we serve. In recent years, this philosophy has led us to set up operations in hundreds of locations outside of the U.S. Our international facilities are strategically located to serve existing customers with global operations as well as the local customer base.

We have earned our customers’ trust by developing strong partnerships based on providing quality parts and competitive pricing, while driving cost savings and continuous improvement. Through our strategic supply programs, you can depend on consistently excellent service — locally, nationally, or globally — coordinated through a single, accountable point of contact. As Fastenal grows with our customers and the world economy, we’re continuing to expand our international presence and capabilities to support our customers’ OEM manufacturing and inventory control needs. We currently hold sales subsidiaries in over 20 countries with the ability to direct ship to many more.

To learn more about how we can serve your needs most anywhere in the world, contact us at:

Export Compliance

Fastenal's OEM Competitive Advantage

Here’s a high-level look at Fastenal’s value proposition:

  • Global Reach, Local Service
  • Inventory Control & Reduction
  • Reduced Freight Costs
  • Product Standardization
  • Vendor Consolidation
  • Contract Pricing
  • Lean Solutions
  • ISO 9001 Certified Quality Management
  • Global Sourcing
  • Manufacturing Support Around the Globe
  • Lean Six-Sigma Support
A2LA Accreditation

Czech Republic Test Cert # 1046.07
HOLOKROME Test Cert # 1046.06
Malaysia Test Cert # 1046.05
Shanghai Test Cert # 1046.04
Taiwan Test Cert # 1046.03
Winona Calibration Cert # 1046.02
Winona Test Cert # 1046.01

Not all testing listed is included on our A2LA Scopes of Accreditation. Please consult our Scopes directly for a full list of accredited services.

Fastenal's International Ship Program

Fastenal provides this solution for customers wishing to ship product to an international location with no need for branch support services. It assures a smooth experience while navigating the complexities of export compliance.

  • One time or reoccurring basis
  • Quick and easy order process
  • Export Compliance requirements completed
  • Convenient single point of contact for multiple locations
International Shipping
International Product Scope

With our overseas distribution centers located in Shanghai, China; Johor, Malaysia; and Dordrecht, Netherlands; Fastenal is positioned to supply our customers with the items they need quickly.

OEM/Direct Materials, MRO/Wear & Replacement Parts

  • Items consumed in bulk quantities and used in the assembly of manufactured goods, components, and end products (bill of materials)
  • Items required on the machinery that manufactures the end product MRO/Indirect Materials
  • Access to over 50,000 of the most commonly used MRO SKUs; available worldwide through our strategic global partners
  • PPE, Abrasives, and Cutting Tools offering with the ability to locally source other items to meet our customers' needs
  • We are committed to expanding our locally stocked exclusive brands and branded product offering on a continual basis based on our partnerships

This is in addition to the millions of OEM and MRO fasteners also available.

International Product Scope
Fastenal Manufacturing

From complex machined parts and large-diameter bolts, to high-volume production fasteners — If you need custom-manufactured products, Fastenal can provide a fast, high-quality solution through one of our 10 manufacturing locations, including global operations.

We offer a spectrum of raw materials and coatings to meet your needs, with quality ensured by our field engineers, lab technicians, ISO 9001:2008 operations, and in-house A2LA labs. Specialty manufacturing allows for the use of a wide variety of raw materials and coatings. Short run specials from 1 to 10,000 pieces and emergency service 24 hours a day.

Our core capabilities include:

  • Machining
  • Hot Forging
  • Cold Forming
  • Additional processes: Bending, Threading, EDM, and Water Jet Cutting
  • Tool & Cutter Grinding
  • Metals, Alloys, and Materials Services
Manufacturing Products

FAST Crib provides integrated enterprise-wide visibility of your inventory and stocking locations, your asset status and locations, your maintenance planning cycle, and records, while also serving as an advanced eProcurement platform through which you can manage all of your suppliers.

  • Knowing what parts you have and where they are, even at multiple site locations.
  • Knowing the status of transferred or utilized assets.
  • Understand your maintenance workload and costs associated with repairs. Verify to management what work was completed — and when — with a comprehensive audit trail.
  • Predict future budget needs and be proactive on setting preventative maintenance schedules or maintaining repetitive repairs.
  • Consolidate spend and channel business to create direct savings with inventory, consumption, and labor reductions. Standardize and save with reduced POs, freight savings, and like inventory.
  • A web-based solution. No software to install — access anytime and anywhere on your computer or mobile device.
FAST Crib Devices
Fastenal Value-Added Services & Solutions

Fastenal-Managed Inventory (FMI) programs to meet each site's unique needs and requirements

  • Custom Designed
  • Fastenal Managed Inventory (FMI)
  • FAST Solutions (Vending)
  • Vendor Owned
  • Barcoded Inventory
  • Inventory Kitting
  • In-Plant Branches

Total Cost of Ownership — Understanding & Controlling

  • Working together / create competitive advantage
  • Common understanding of TCO / measurable metric
  • Identify where we can work to rescue TCO
  • Implementing closer customer / supplier partnership
Full FMI Lineup
Fastenal Engineering Services
  • Field Engineers
  • Product Teardowns
  • Process Analysis
  • Design Assistance
  • Failure Analysis
  • Application-Specific Testing
Engineering Services 1Engineering Services 2
FAST Solutions

The world's fastest-growing industrial vending system

Fastenal's industry-leading vending program gives customers around the world access to our MRO and safety product offering. Our full-service FAST Solutions program represents an extremely cost-effective way to control consumption of MRO and safety supplier, reduce inventory, and increase productivity.

FAST Solutions
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