We Are Where You Are

we are where you are. in your facility. in your community

Because we’re local, we can stock your products minutes away, supply them in ways that save time and money, and deliver today’s needs today. Below are some real-world stories from the field exemplifying why it’s so important that “We Are Where You Are.”

a fastenal employee in front of truck

Atlanta, Georgia

A local store brought a large potential customer through the Atlanta Distribution Center for a tour recently. The customer’s only perspective of Fastenal previously was the interaction with the sales rep calling on him and the store he had visited before. This customer creates kits internally and ships them to job sites all around the country. We told him about our 2,700 locations, how we could ship direct to the local stores for their installation crews to pick up, and how we could transfer account information to these stores to take care of any spot buys locally. The customer has since turned business on at the store and is considering a larger purchase where we build the kits to order and ship as requested. They had no idea that “we are where they are” – wherever that might be.

I am Alan Campbell, Regional Operations Manager for the Atlanta Distribution Center

And I Am Where You Are.

a fastenal employee in front of store

Holland, Michigan

Not the only, but certainly the biggest reason that I have a growing account with one of our customers is simply because of our local presence. Previously, they were using a competitor for all of their maintenance fasteners. They didn’t like that they took forever to get products ordered in, and that they had to go somewhere else if they needed something the same day. When we started kicking around the idea of switching their VMI over to Fastenal, I stressed that we had a very large inventory here in Holland (just minutes from their plant), where we could get product out to them the same day they asked for it. This gave them the security that, if an emergency arose, they had the resources to keep them operational with the product that we have on hand.

I’m Jared Neumann, Outside Sales for Holland, MI

And I Am Where You Are.

a fastenal employee in front of a fastenal store

Bellingham, Washington

We worked with a new construction contractor in the area. We didn’t have the best relationship at first, but after several meetings and coming through for them in a couple of emergency situations, they began to buy more and more. One of the emergencies they had was for a jobsite out of state. They had an idea we were a big company, but apparently they didn’t realize just how big we are. We notified them that we have a local branch out of state near their jobsite. We came through for them yet again – and they were so impressed they gave us a very large order the following month. The “We Are Where You Are” factor changed a not-so-good relationship into a key account overnight.

I’m LaDon Smith III, District Manager (Washington)

And I Am Where You Are.

a fastenal employee

Harrison, Ohio

Fastenal has been pushing 3PL (Third Party Logistics) in our region this year. I found a customer shipping used engines all over the country. He didn’t consider us a legitimate option because we do not deliver to the end user. I explained to him that with over 2,600+ locations, we could deliver it to a Fastenal branch within miles of his customer. He was skeptical to say the least. We had proven that we were the cheapest, but we still needed to prove our local presence around the country to his customers. Up until February he had shipped 1, maybe 2 engines with us. We had a meeting in early February about giving us a shot to earn his business; he has since shipped 95 engines through Fastenal’s trucking system with many more set to go out in November. We handle over 90% of his shipments and have far and away exceeded his expectations!

I’m Brad Schutte, General Manager for Fastenal in Harrison, OH

And I Am Where You Are.

a fastenal employee in front of a fastenal truck

New York, New York...via Cody, Wyoming...via Indianapolis, Indiana

We recently had a customer call us in our Cody, WY store at 4:45 on a Friday our time from New York. She had worked for a business in Cody that our store had serviced. She moved to New York a year or so ago and went to work for another business that Fastenal services. They had an emergency and needed some metric 27 nuts and bolts by next-day air. Since the branch in New York was closed, she remembered us and called us in Wyoming. Due to the size and quantity she needed, no one but IHUB (Indiana Distribution Center) had them. Even though it was after hours there too, we called. I was able to speak with Paul Rustad in the Indiana Distribution Center warehouse, and he next-day-aired them out for me the next day (Saturday). The customer received them and was able to get their equipment up and running. For a customer calling from New York to Cody, Wyoming, we called Indianapolis and got bolts and nuts back to New York – all at closing time on a weekend!

I’m Gail Joy, General Manager for Fastenal in Cody, WY

And I Am Where You Are.