Environmental Benefits

Lean & Green

The same capabilities that make the FAST 5000SM a "lean" solution also make it a "green" solution. Here's an overview of some of the environmental benefits you can expect to achieve through the program:

  • Automated ordering - Eliminates paper, ink, toner and processing
  • Reduced product consumption - Fewer items produced, creating less waste and fewer carbon emissions
  • Fewer stock-outs and rush orders - More efficient transportation of product saves fuel and lowers emissions
  • Clear usage reporting - Making it easier to track proper disposal and recycling participation
  • Not PC-based, no software to install - No power required to support a PC, and no computer that will eventually end up in a landfill
  • Less machine idle time - Less time spent getting items from the crib, less time with machines running idle
  • Efficient operation - A FAST 5000SM machine draws only 3 amps at 110 volts (2,891 KW annually based on 24/7 operation). There's an energy saver option on the machines that you can use to limit the hours per day when the unit is "awake."
The Green Machine
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