Special Tap Program

Fastenal has partnered with Regal Cutting Tools to provide the perfect solution for special taps that fall outside our expansive stocking line. We can manufacture a vast range of special taps from blanks within one day, maximizing uptime for your facility.

Your local Fastenal store is standing by to provide solutions for special tap requirements that include:

  • Up to 6” diameters
  • Extension taps
  • Pipe taps up to 4”
  • Carbide & HSS taps
  • Acme taps

With our Special Taps from Bar Steel, difficult material applications requiring highly defined geometries are not a problem.

Blueprint Special Taps are an additional service we can offer. You provide the cutting dimensions and tolerances, and we'll manufacture the best tap for the application.

We also offer Special Lengths to reach further from the spindle than standard lengths.

How to get started?

Step 1

Contact your local Fastenal Store.

Step 2

Your local Fastenal Store will contact Regal Cutting Tools (Vendor #130390).

Step 3

Place your order. Please note you will need to know the answers to these questions.