Cultural Values

Our most successful employees live and work by the following cultural values: AMBITION, INNOVATION, INTEGRITY and TEAMWORK.

Are these values as important to you as they are to us?


An Aggressive, Energetic Work Ethic. Hard work is the engine that makes the Big Blue Machine run. By going beyond the call for our customers, we drive growth for the company and, in turn, create opportunities for ourselves. Bottom line: If you’re motivated and willing to work hard, you will have opportunities for advancement as our company continues to expand.


Ideas, Modifications, and Improvements. At Fastenal, truck drivers help plan more efficient routes; branch managers make inventory and pricing decisions based on local market conditions; and in general, we believe that the best ideas come from the people closest to the customer or process. … Looking for a company that actually listens to your ideas? We’re all ears.


Fair, Respectful, and Moral Behavior. As a company, we don’t have a lot of rules and regulations; instead, we trust our people to make the best possible decisions for the company and their customers. This decentralized, entrepreneurial approach wouldn’t be possible without integrity at every level of the company – people who are fair, respectful, and ethical in all situations.


Individuals Working Together to Achieve a Common Goal. At other companies, you hear a lot of talk about “key employees,” but at Fastenal we realize that everyone is key. After all, you can be the best sales person in the world, but if the picker in the distribution center fills the order incorrectly, or there’s a quality issue with the product, the customer isn’t going to be happy. Everyone’s role is vital, and it takes the entire Blue Team® to provide great customer service and grow our business.

Company Motto

When Fastenal started to take off in the early 1980s, company founder Bob Kierlin set out to put the company’s basic principles into words that would communicate our goal to new personnel. His beliefs were centered around four words “Growth through Customer Service®.

We’ve been guided by that motto ever since. Today, as always, Fastenal grows by adding new customers and by growing our relationships with existing customers. And as always, exceptional service is the key that unlocks the door.

The Power of Fastenal People

Growth = Opportunity

As a growth company with a solid financial position, that typically doubles in size every four to five years, Fastenal offers opportunities for our people, whether they’re new hires or seasoned veterans.

More than 95 percent of our current branch General Managers have been promoted from within, and that trend continues all the way to the top. Just ask our President/CEO (who began his Fastenal career as an entry-level branch employee), or our Chairman of the Board (who started out working in the warehouse). In fact, nearly all of our senior leaders worked their way up from entry-level positions.

Although opportunity abounds, there’s no prescribed pathway for advancement. With so many aspects to our business – and so many opportunities to cross-train and learn new skills – where you go and what you do is largely up to you.  In a company marked by constant change, there’s one thing everyone on the Blue Team® can count on year after year, decade after decade: Growth will bring opportunity.