Safety in our Workplace

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Creating a Safe & Friendly Work Environment

Fastenal works hard to ensure the safety of our employees. Fastenal’s Total Recordable Incident Rate has improved by roughly 39% in the last 5 years. Fastenal’s values of Teamwork, Innovation, Integrity, Ambition are critical components to our safety culture.

Our employees define every facet of our safety culture, they have participated in over 17,000 training modules in the first 6 months of 2013. These safety trainings involve of 30 topics from safety orientation, hazard communication, to forklift operations and safe lifting.

Fastenal continues to improve safe processes throughout the organization by identifying areas of opportunity. Our store locations and distribution centers have participated in over 4,000 safety audits and inspections in 2013. This process allows Fastenal to prevent issues before they happen but also provide for training and coaching opportunities with our employees.

Fastenal invests in safety for the long term. Our distribution model has been implementing automated systems which help to reduce the human factor when it comes to safe work practices and exposures. These systems help to reduce the number of times our employees move product and has a direct result to reducing strains and sprains on our employees.