Inventory & Asset Management, Procurement Platform & Maintenance Management (CMMS/PM)

FAST Crib provides integrated enterprise-wide visibility of your inventory and stocking locations, your asset status and locations along with your maintenance planning cycle with records. It also serves as an advanced procurement platform through which you can manage ALL of your suppliers. FAST Crib is a web-based solution with an intuitive user-friendly dashboard supporting multiple classes of users within your organization – from Tool Crib Attendants, Maintenance Teams, Engineering, Purchasing, or Supervisors at any level.

Advantages of FAST CribSM

  • Web-based, no software to install. Access from any computer, net book, PDA, Android or OS Smartphone or Tablet
  • Inventory Management
  • No extra charge per seat or user
  • There is no charge for new releases, upgrades, bug fixes and patches
  • Fully functional and concurrent audit trail for reporting
  • Flat (.csv) file and HTML data export
  • You own, control and manage your data
  • Single sourced reporting integration with our FAST Solutions program (Industrial Vending)


  • Real-time inventory tracking and reporting even with non-Fastenal items
  • 24/7/365 real-time access anytime, anywhere that is permission & location based
  • Supports Min/Max and Kanban
  • Track usage to department, employee and/or 5 additional data points


  • Robust e-commerce enabling you to search, find and order from multiple reference inventory databases - not just your managed items. Manage spot buys through a single interface.
  • Supports unique or contract pricing from each supplier
  • Create requisitions, RFQ’s and issue PO’s
  • Set parts to automatic re-order by supplier
  • External-facing secure supplier portal
  • Real-time single point of entry for client suppliers, business partners and vendors to respond to RFQ's and support & maintain client reference databases

Maintenance Management

  • Schedule jobs/work orders, track labor, parts and status all in real-time
  • Digital library - keep your manuals, schematics & pictures, and other maintenance information together and organized
  • Set preventative maintenance scheduling
  • Log hours for critical items like gauges or inspection items
  • View repair histories

Who Uses FAST CribSM?

Ideal for anyone with a crib, tool room, storeroom or other secured areas with a need to maintain inventory and assets.

Examples of current customer industries served:

  • Aerospace/Aviation
  • Automotive
  • Building and Construction Contractors
  • Chemical Plants
  • Manufacturing
  • Energy & Power Distribution
  • Food Processing
  • Healthcare
  • Transportation
  • Military & Defense
  • Education
  • Municipalities/ Gov Entities

FAST Crib is an affordable enterprise-level software platform that can deploy quickly. Because it’s web-based, there’s no need to deal with servers and IT headaches. Its intuitive interface requires minimal training, allowing for a quick learning curve for your employees as FAST Crib adapts and scales to your business.

Bottom line: We sell and support FAST crib so you can focus on what matters to you – YOUR Business!

With the visibility provided by FAST Crib, you can own and be an active participant in lowering your total cost of ownership. Savings can be leveraged by direct interaction with your inventory, consumption and labor, as well as product substitutions and standardization. On an indirect level, you can save by reducing inventory management hours, while realizing efficiencies through accurate reporting.

Opportunities based on information – for example, through supplier consolidation – are now a reality.

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Low Program Costs - Your local Fastenal store will work internally to help you process map, install, and upload all of your information. After some final training, you will be up and running. The application is FREE (with additional spend commitments to Fastenal on products you are already procuring).

A Turnkey Solution - Fastenal works with you for initial set-up and training. Orders through Fastenal are automatically routed to a local store. FAST Crib comes with a Punchout catalog of over 400,000 Fastenal items for easy searchability and requisition of needed products.

Flexible Web Reporting - Use your secure portal anytime to manage your settings, view real-time inventory and asset statuses, procurement history, and usage data – all with a full audit trail. Help eliminate the “Not Me” within each organization. You can also schedule automated reports to colleagues and receive automated text/email alerts to stay on top of any activities you need to know about.

Easy Installation and Operation - All you need to get up and running is an open internet connection or WiFi capability, bar code scanners, and a computer or an iPad. It requires minimal effort from your IT personnel and limited training time once installed.

Know What You Need to Know About Every Transaction

FAST Crib offers extensive reporting capabilities with over 30 pre-existing report formats to view usage and spending activity the way YOU want to see it. Reports can be downloaded in Excel or .csv format, or emailed directly from the application. You also have the ability to schedule automated email reports to specific recipients. Each report can be customized, or you can build your own from scratch.

Because FAST Crib is a 24/7 web-based solution, simply log into your secure portal – anytime, anywhere – to manage and view activity in real time!

Flexible Access Controls - Create "rules" so that only individuals within a particular group can access specified items or have the authority to make changes. For example, you could apply a rule that the Crib Attendant must send an RFQ to three suppliers for products over $500, or that a Supervisor must approve an order first.

Automated Reports - Schedule reports to be sent automatically to specified individuals via email. Our automated reports are scalable from bin level all the way to enterprise level.

In-Depth Usage Tracking - Product is accessed through the crib via an ID badge or scanning of a barcode tied to that employee, providing usage tracking down to the individual worker and cost center. You can also prompt users to input up to five additional levels of data (e.g., group, work cell, job, work order, asset, etc.), enabling you to track costs accordingly. View usage during specified time periods or compare usage over time. Manage, down to each asset, your true total cost of ownership – how much time and labor is tied up in PM and ongoing maintenance? What are the product costs that go into each job? Why are some users consuming more than others?

Automated Ordering - When stock falls below the established minimum level, the system automatically sends a notification to your servicing Fastenal store or designated supplier. Your Fastenal representative then delivers the product to your crib, eliminating POs and stock-out situations. FAST Crib will even allow you to interact with and manage non-Fastenal items and suppliers.

Automated Alerts - Instantly receive emails or text messages keeping you apprised of any activities YOU want know about, whether that's a first-aid item being dispensed, a machine or asset malfunction, or a sudden change in usage patterns.

Easy Data Exports - You can export data to ERP, WM, CMMS, CRM Tool Management, or to Excel worksheets. Some custom development work will be needed to interact with your ERP system or other applications.

FAST Crib is a cloud-based software platform hosted in a secure data center, with geographically dispersed backup servers to maximize uptime. To use the system, you only need a computer at the desired location, along with an internet connection. Because it’s web-based, there is no software to install, no servers to maintain, no backups to manage, and no IT headaches.

User security is protected with an individual login and password, and users can be granted various levels of authority. Your team can access the system from anywhere that has a connection to the internet.

FAST Crib’s transactions are never lost due to an internet failure by your host provider – transactions are always left in a saved state which will account for all transactions up to the exact moment there is a power or internet loss. No data is ever lost, and as soon as you are able to log back in to FAST Crib, your work will be exactly how you left it. Should business continue to function and there is an ongoing internet loss, simply record your transactions in an Excel document. When your internet is back on, Fastenal will work with you to upload and correct any changes over that period of time.

With FAST Crib, all data to be uploaded is read for duplicates and formatting errors prior to release for upload. Security settings are in place to allow only specific users access, and should there be a mistake, FAST Crib can restore you back to any point within the last eight days of data.

Server Infrastructure Overview

  • Physical primary server with geographically dispersed, cloud-based backup servers
  • Real-time data replication from primary server to avoid data loss in case of primary server failure
  • Image snapshots of cloud-based backup server for rapid deployment
  • All customer data backed up offsite nightly
  • If an unrecoverable error occurs on the primary server, customers will be re-directed to the backup server

Data Center Overview

  • 9000 Amps, 489V Input Power
  • 2 x 750 & 8 x 500 KVA UPS Battery Backup Units
  • 4 x 2000 KW Diesel Generators w/ On-Site Fuel Storage
  • Redundant Liebert 30-Ton HVAC
  • Pre-Action Dry Pipe Fire Suppression
  • Proximity Security Badge Access
  • Digital Security Video Surveillance
  • Redundant Data Connections

When you buy or lease competitive software, you get… software. But with Fastenal, the FAST Crib platform is just part of a complete inventory control solution powered by local Fastenal people. Here’s a look at the components that make up Fastenal’s Machine Behind the Machine.

With more than 2,600 stores and 9,000 local representatives across North America, the products, service, and support you need are literally right around the corner. Because we are local, we can stock the supplies you need within minutes of your facility and keep just the right amount flowing to your points of use (something that’s made us the industry leader in VMI for decades). When stock runs low on Fastenal-sourced items, FAST Crib can be set to automatically reorder through your local store, prompting your Fastenal representative to drive over and refill your needed items – a completely paperless, hands-free process that saves you time and money. If you utilize Fastenal’s vending solutions, FAST Crib will communicate with them for optimized reporting and inventory management. In addition to making sure your product needs are met, your local Fastenal rep will work closely with you to oversee a smooth implementation of FAST Crib, offer suggestions to continually optimize your product mix, handle any issues that may arise, and make sure your solution is delivering the business results you want to see.

Schedule a Free Demo

Utilizing our FAST Crib sales team, a trained FAST Crib Specialist can bring the technology demonstration to you in the form of a WebEx and teleconference for in depth Q&A with your team. Do you want to get a live demo of the platform and bring other company leaders into the decision-making process? All you have to do is let your local Fastenal Representative know or fill out the demo request below.

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